Featured Distributor - Ray Schuler Adv. Co.

Located: Elkhart, IN
Years in business: 50+
Services offered: motorcyle items, RV items, apparel items, office items
Industries served: powersports and RV industry, small and large companies, non-for-profits
Website: http://callray.com/

Contact: Liz Fischler

Product their customer was looking for?

"We have used Executive Line for many projects, but one order in particular was a very custom nameplate for retro Honda Motorcycles."

Why did they choose Executive Line?

"Executive Line is the the best mfg of custom metal nameplates!"

How did Executive Line help?

"Executive Line helped with all the details from the custom shape created by our customer's engineer to custom imprint to packaging. Ray helped put everything together flawlessly and our customer has reordered many times since the initial order many years ago."

Do you have a custom project you need some help with?

Send us an email to customerservice@executiveline.com and we would love to see how we can help!